About - Molly Fox Vintage


Molly Fox Vintage is a modern-feeling online vintage boutique created by sisters Rachel & Sarah Manns, and is inspired by their late grandmother Mollie. Established in 2017, it’s a carefully selected edit of some of the best secondhand fashion available; and just as importantly, it’s affordable too. MFV stocks colourful vintage from the 1950s-90s in sizes 4-24 with prices starting at just £5. 

MFV was born from childhoods spent admiring a mystical looking matriarch in a fantastical looking flat. We would stare in awe at her wrinkled hands covered in amber and violet stones, her velvet tasseled shawls, her turbans, her vintage patterns, her smock dresses, her sequins, her bags, her trinkets...her smile. She was the weirdest and most wonderful thing we had ever seen; magical in fact. We are of course talking about our dearest Grandmother, "Nanna" Mollie. Although Mollie passed away many years ago now, we both feel very much accompanied by her. Her stylistic inspiration forever lingering just above the surface when we're rummaging through a ramshackled rail.

At Molly Fox Vintage we're always trying to push secondhand clothing in a highstreet-feel direction. We believe it's important to appeal to modern shoppers who would ordinarily buy cheap clothing online from huge retailers. As a vintage boutique selling recycled garments, we want to make sustainable fashion feel current & accessible. We aim to encourage people who wouldn't normally consider shopping secondhand, that it is in fact, far better for your wardrobe (and the planet!) to purchase something recycled, and just like Mollie - something utterly unique.

We source our handpicked secondhand items from various places. Some are donated, some are found in charity shops or boot sales, some are bought online, and some are even purchased directly from lovely humans who approach us. However we get them though, you really can rest assured that all of these pieces are 100% pre-loved and planet friendly. Once acquired, we wash/steam all garments and conduct any minor repairs or alterations needed ourselves. We store the garments in a way to ensure they remain fresh and arrive smelling lovely. We only ever ship via Royal Mail recorded delivery, to ensure that you'll always receive your vintage treats. We do all our own styling, photography, graphic design, copywriting, marketing and social media in-house. Busy ladies! 

We are committed to implementing recycling in the fashion industry as a viable mainstream contender. Second only to oil, the fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world; not to mention the social cost of cheap clothing. And that is just not okay! So we're trying to show that secondhand can still feel new and exciting. But we're taking it even further. Here at MFV, we're attempting a full zero waste policy. All our pieces are shipped in 100% recycled post consumer waste Kraft paper bags, with an inner layer of protective unbleached 100% recycled post consumer waste tissue paper. Address labels are printed on recycled Kraft labels. All clothing tags are hand cut & punched on recycled Kraft card, and discount coupon slips too. Instead of tapes, we use a natural hemp twine, making it easy to re-use both that and the tissue paper. Any boxes, padding or extra wrapping used are all also 100% recycled. We've always said that Mamma Earth is our all time favourite drag queen!

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